When do marijuana cultivation efforts fail you?

by Donald Phillips | March 31, 2018 8:07 am

It is a stark reality that not everyone who cultivates marijuana succeeds. Only a small percentage of people who are into marijuana cultivation manage to sustain their efforts for long term and others just quit half way. Why do others quit half way and when do people sustain themselves for life time? When people get the expected results they are likely to be motivated by their own efforts and make further efforts to continue with the cultivation. People who are not that successful end up quitting after some time.

When do your marijuana cultivation efforts fail you? Let us look at some of the most common scenarios when our efforts could fail to obtain the expected results. The first common scenario is when people lack the required knowledge about marijuana cultivation they find the whole process overwhelming because there are so many things to remember and so many factors to consider. Unable to handle this pressure people tend to give up. For example when you are buying your seed, you will need to go for the best cannabis seeds USA[1] has to offer. Without knowing the importance of getting the best quality seeds many people go for the cheapest quality seeds available in the market. This could certainly be a damaging factor for someone who is just beginning.

When you do not get the right best quality seeds because you thought all seeds are the same and proceed with the cultivation you are likely to miss the whole game. No matter how hard you work you will not be able to reap the expected results. This could prove to be highly frustrating. If you do not want to go through that phase, what you need to do is carefully screen multiple suppliers of cannabis and pick the best marijuana seeds for sale[2].

Sometimes people order wrong seeds by mistake. Instead of picking outdoor seeds they order indoor seeds and vice versa. When this happens the plants do not flourish as they are supposed to be. You will be making various efforts to boost the plant’s growth but when the plants are not in their right settings they will struggle to grow.

If you are not taking good care of the plants they will be weak. When the plants are weak, they will easily succumb to diseases and pest attacks. You should not allow such things to happen. Spending sometime regularly with your plants will help you reduce the chances of your plants succumbing to diseases. You will be able to notice the problem well in advance and provide adequate care for your plants.

There is more than one reason why your efforts could fail. All these mistakes and setbacks are very common in the early stages and they will gradually disappear as you gain more experience. The challenge is in sustaining yourself through this phase and surviving the struggles. There are many successful cultivators of marijuana and they have walked similar paths and you too are on the same track.

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