These Ordinary People Made an Impact through Social Crowdfunding

by Donald Phillips | March 20, 2018 8:11 am

Crowdfunding gives the ordinary middle class employee the power of a wealthy philanthropist. Perhaps more.

It’s true! The industry materialized when the ordinary individual was looking for a way to raise awareness and money for a nonprofits project they wanted to support. The power of the crowd is real. When 900 people come together to help afford a friend’s recovery from a fatal accident, we know that in unison we really can create a huge impact and save lives, whereas divided, our efforts tend to be in vain.

India, a country where millions are willing to give to social causes, has truly fallen in love with crowdfunding. Thousands of new fundraisers are seen on Crowdfunding India[1] platforms in a single month. The concept is not new to the country at all – Reliance; one of the biggest industrial empires was built with contributions pooled in from investors. Today, the country’s youth and urban population take the lead in social crowdfunding.

Here are three cases where ordinary people decided to impact lives through social crowdfunding!

A 17-year-old with a drive to help her community progress

Jhanvi Patel is a young woman whose vision surpassses her age. She was raised to believe that health and education, though two basic necessities, were true luxuries to most. Determined to make them a given reality for as many families as she could, she decided to take action. In an effort to improve the lives of the underprivileged, especially children and women, in Bhopal, Jhanvi turned to Impact Guru, a crowdfunding India[2] platform.

In under 3 months, her fundraiser raised Rs. 11 lakh! Using the funds, Jhanvi targeted women’s self-help groups that worked to improve hygiene practices in handpicked villages. She also fueled the renovation of a school for the underprivileged. With her aid, the school was able to instal e-learning technology powered by solar energy!

A single mother rode her motorcycle across the country to promote her fundraiser

If there’s a spirit we truly admire, it’s Moksha Jaitley’s. At 55, the motorcycle enthusiast craved to do something powerful, to make a statement for all women out there, to give them courage to get out of their comfort zones.

And a statement she did make! Moksha was unstoppable once she straddled her Bullet; she rode from Leh to Kanyakumari and promoted her fundraiser and her cause with the media. As a result, she raised Rs. 3.4 lakh in a matter of a few weeks. The funds went straight to Nanhikali, an NGO that strives to provide quality education to the girl child. The money was enough to fund a year’s education for over 120 girls!

A birthday and a fundraiser united two friends from across the world

Mayank and Shrija were both were turning twenty-five a week within each other. A casual discussion about their milestone evolved into a meaningful decision. This year, they would encourage their friends to donate to a cause they mutually choose instead of spending on gifts for them.

They chose Impact Guru’s social crowdfunding platform and Nanhikali was the decided benefiting NGO. They raised Rs. 75,000, more than double their goal amount in a few days!

Inspired yet? Start making a difference today. Choose crowdfunding India[3].

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