Seven Business-Friendly Features of Operator Assistance

Seven Business-Friendly Features of Operator Assistance

Teleconferencing is increasingly necessary in today’s global economy. It allows you to connect with some of the sharpest business minds, no matter where they live. However, teleconferencing can be difficult to coordinate. The larger the conference, the bigger the challenge it presents. That’s where operator assisted teleconferencing comes in.

What Can Operator Assisted Teleconferencing Offer You?

1. Online Registration Services

This service will automatically send invitations to join in on the conference call. Invitations can go to all members of your distribution list or to a selected subset. You can also collect valuable information at the time of registration including contact information and company data. Because this is an automated process, you’ll save time when compared to manually sending out and managing invitations.

2. Make International Connections Easy

Our operators can connect participants throughout the world to your conference. They can help troubleshoot erratic connections and other issues that crop up when teleconferencing with people on different continents. We offer a wide range of toll-free access numbers in your participants’ home countries to make teleconferencing more convenient for everyone.

3. Enhanced Security Features

You can easily manage the access that each participant has to the conference. Video and audio playback may be password protected. Your participant list can also be cross-checked against a security protocol.

4. Recording Services

Teleconference calls can be recorded and transcribed. This can help you recall details of what was discussed, troubleshoot conversational miscommunication, and provide a record for future documentation.

5. Transcription Services

Transcription services allow you to keep your focus on the conference itself instead of getting bogged down taking notes. It will also let all participants review what was said in case they need to fact-check or review the details.

6. Unique User IDs

This optional service streamlines the user sign-in experience. Conference participants can dial in faster. On your end, it offers several advantages. The unique user IDs lets you identify each participant and pinpoint relevant user data. This feature can also help direct participants into the correct conference call.

7. The Live Operator Advantage

Automated operator systems rely on often-glitchy voice recognition software or lengthy, inefficient automated switchboards. Live operator assistance can adapt to sometimes poor audio quality, manage unusual requests, may connect people with needed services in a more timely manner, and offers an overall warmer client experience.

International Support for a Global Business

Our support team has experience working with teleconferences across the world. We are available for troubleshooting and to help coordinate calls spanning any time zone. Whether your business is a small-scale startup or is an internationally known enterprise, our operator assisted teleconferencing services can help you take it to the next level.

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