How to Take Oxymetholone Safely and Effectively

How to Take Oxymetholone Safely and Effectively

By and large, you will find Oxandrolone pills in two different strengths. The 50 mg, as well as the 25 mg bottles, are the most sought-after products among bodybuilders. However, the real confusion comes when you decide on the perfect dosage for you. With just too many internet recommendations and fitness center gossips, you might find it hard to sketch the right dosage for you. Before you jump to any conclusion, there are some valuable pointers for you to take note of.

Comparing Oxymethalone with Dianabol

You can find Oxymethalone under various brand names, such as Anadrol. No matter the name you call it by; it is indeed one of the strongest bodybuilding steroids. Before you peep into como tomar oxymetholone 50 mgwould you not like to shop around with some other steroids that offer same benefits? Both Anadrol and Dianabol are favorite bulking steroids among aspiring models. Both can give similar results. Yet, each of them comes with their own sets of pros and cons. As for example, Anadrol gives amazing results when you take it at a relatively higher dosage. It does not aromatize easily, which means you stand a lesser chance of getting Estrogenic effects. But consumption of high dosage of Anadrol also leads to side effects like excessive bloating, piercing headache and very high blood pressure. Dianabol, on the other hand, gives the same fitness benefits. However, it is relatively mild than Anadrol. So users who are sensitive to Dianabol might find their pick in this anabolic androgenic steroid. Then again, a number of users have pointed that the effects of Dianabol do not last long.

Efficacy of Anadrol

Some of the primary benefits of Anadrol include its efficiency in building lean muscle mass. It is quite easily available, as well. You can experience a drastic body transformation within minutes. You can gain about 20-30 pounds just when you enter the first cycle. Anadrol has some special binding features. This makes it a great stacking option. You can get some great results while stacking it with Deca, Trenbolone, and Testosterone. Though primarily a stacking steroid, you can mix it with Anavar and take it as a cutting steroid. It promotes appetite, and increase RBC in your body. Moreover, it helps in nitrogen retention. This, in turn, increases protein synthesis. Last but not the least, it helps to ease joint pains that you might face while exercising hard.

25 mg Vs 50 mg Solutions

The primary difference between the two varieties, Anadrol25 and Anadrol 50 lies within its results. With a 25 mg dose, you might not gain as much as 20-30 pounds of muscle within weeks. Nevertheless, you can still experience sufficient mass gains. But ensure that you supplement your steroid intake with the right diet and the right exercise.  A 25 mg solution is also helpful to keep a check on water retention. While wondering como tomar oxymetholone 50 mg, you might want to try it just before entering a bodybuilding contest.




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