How to stay motivated when learning the piano

How to stay motivated when learning the piano

The hardest step is to starting something new and then sticking to it. You may have dreamed of playing the piano for years, and finally, you have managed to sign up for Singapore piano course. But will you be able to continue with the lessons? The following things will help you in keeping yourself motivated to carry on your lessons and perform better.

  1. You can find creative ways to play that piano, for example, you can play your favourite nursery rhyme with a different rendering by adding your own tune to it, or you can ask your teacher to suggest some catchy tune that you can practice. This will also make the class more engaging and exciting.
  2. Some apps allow you to create a rhythm that can be built on in the class with the help of your fellow students or friends. Make sure you practice them in your free time to get a good grip on the tune and method of creating it as well. This will help you in the long run by keeping your creative juices flowing.

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  1. Make it a routine to watch piano performances, either live performances or online. From the learning perspective, it is better to watch online as it helps to pause and replay, to catch the nuances and inculcate it into your practice. Live performances will help in keeping you
  2. If your spending ability is a little high, you can buy a piano for yourself. This makes sure you are serious, and the class is not just a hobby you pick up, although there’s nothing wrong with it. Even a keyboard will suffice for the same purpose. You can research a little, before buying one, either on the internet or from a reputed
  3. Start small, but start consistent, and then you’ll have something to build on as your skill advances through the piano lessons. Also, every effort counts in the long haul no matter how trivial or easy it seems, practice, so that the flow of your creativity isn’t compromised. Slow and steady definitely wins the race.
  4. A time and a place are essential for learning music. If you are already working overtime, but the piano is an integral part of your life then prioritize, so that you can set aside something. Finding enough time in a day in a busy schedule may make you realize just how important your dreams about the piano are, making it more valuable than other things.

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