Fashion guide: engagement jewelry with color

by Danny White | March 12, 2018 1:54 pm

With regards to selecting an engagement ring, it’s usually all about the diamond. Women “ooh” and “aah” over size and sparkle, but there are different approaches to make certain your ring is a stand-out. The usage of colorful gem stones consisting of rubies, emeralds, sapphires, or even colored Wholesale Loose Diamonds[1] can add measurement for your engagement ring, or offer an artistic opportunity to diamond-ruled rings.

Engagement jewelry with color is formidable, vivid, and cheerfully elegant—and they inform the arena that the wearer is simply as creative and a laugh. You may use them as accent stones to highlight the sparkle of a white diamond middle stone, or rock a gem as the primary stone to dollar subculture and display off a ring that’s as unique as you are!

Here are some thoughts for inspiration that will help you locate the pop of shade that’s just proper for you.

Colorful aspect stones

For a sophisticated but greater understated integration of color, select a three-stone layout with colored gem stones flanking a center diamond. Not handiest is the symbolic which means of the 3-stone engagement ring deeply romantic, but depending on the shade and cut of the gem, you may attain a extensive kind of looks.

Pear ruby gemstone engagement ring in white gold

For example, pear-formed gems have a vintage enchantment, whilst a ruby’s vibrant red provides a passionate touch to any engagement ring. Instead, round cut gems are considered “traditional,” and the rich, blue coloration of sapphire inspires a velvety softness, inclusive of on this custom engagement ring:

Oval sapphire gemstone engagement ring in palladium

You don’t need to limit yourself to two aspect stones, both. In case you’re devoted to an engagement ring with color, its k play with the wide variety, length, and association of your aspect stones to obtain the hoop of your desires. Having smaller stones often permits you to incorporate more shade without overwhelming the hoop. Additionally keep in mind non-traditional ring bands to supplement your stones, together with this swirl-style engagement ring:

A glowing halo

For brides-to-be who want to rock a touch more “oomph” on their ring finger, halo engagement rings offer extra length and dazzle. By way of setting your halo with colored diamonds or gemstones, you can seize a fair bolder, more regal look.

Sapphire halo engagement jewelry actually has a royal records. Princess Diana’s fabulous sapphire engagement ring become at the start arguable however has become one of the most well-known engagement jewelry of all time, introduced lower back into the modern-day limelight when Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with the identical ring in 2010.

That stylish but untraditional ring featured a huge sapphire stone surrounded by means of a halo of diamonds, but the opposite fashion is equally popular!

Halo sapphire cushion cut diamond engagement ring

Similar to with side stones, surrounding a massive diamond with a halo of sensitive gem stones can emphasize the sparkle of your middle stone, however with an extra touch of richness. And at the same time as sapphires can be the most popular preference, halo engagement rings are also a exceptional manner to function extra specific colorations, like pink sapphire or this emerald gemstone ring:

Emerald gemstones are amazing for creative types – in addition to absolutely everyone born in May! Including the birthstone of you or your partner to your engagement ring is a top notch image of your connection and dedication to every different.

Pave accents

If you choose a softer style, gem stones in a pave setting are smaller and might provide the ring a candy, even whimsical appearance. Pave settings additionally work outstanding with non-conventional engagement ring bands, which include this bypass style, bridge setting:

Including a delicate line of gem stones under the middle stone adds depth to the hoop, without distracting from the beautiful bezel-set diamond.

Pave accents also are a first-rate manner to supplement non-conventional diamond cuts.

The heart-cut diamond is already a amazing desire for enthusiasts, but the crimson sapphire pave set gemstones offer a dainty, feminine flair to this custom engagement ring.

Already have your engagement ring? Pave settings are also a completely famous choice for wedding band, including greater baling on your second ring! Rock a romantic ruby pave set, or get a unique color to in shape together with your associate, like this black diamond ring for him with an alternating black and white diamond wedding ceremony ring for her.

Gemstone middle stones

Want to be a fashion-setter like Princess Diana? Then ditch the diamond center stone totally, and cross formidable with a stone that bursts with color!

Sapphires, rubies, emeralds and amethyst all make beautiful centerpieces for an engagement ring with color. Gemstones usually fee less than diamonds, so you can get a good large center stone with budget-friendly splendor.

Gemstone earrings also are usually used as “opportunity” engagement jewelry with regards to 2nd weddings and vow renewals. In addition they make great promise rings, or anniversary presents.

Make your ring as unique as your dating. Whether or not it’s using gems or colored diamonds; precise band patterns or settings; or even unusual gem cuts…

On the give up of the day, engagement earrings with coloration are an amazing desire with a view to draw attention and admiration in your ring. And with brilliance, it’s in no way been easier to gain the look you desire! Which ring from our fashion guide stimulated you the most? Would you want to expose off a beautiful sapphire solitaire, or sprinkle in multiple shades in a petite pave? Test our engagement rings with “gemstone” ring style, as well as our gemstone rings for even more notion!

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