Breville BBM800XL: What Are Customers Saying

by admin | December 1, 2017 4:12 pm

There are many different bread machine options available in the market. However, the Breville BBM800XL machine[1] seems to have captured the market. It is not only getting customers to smile but also giving the competitors a run for their money.

Here is a quick compilation of the features that have won customer appreciation and some rave reviews.

Design of the Machine

One thing that every customer agrees about is that the Breville machine has flawless design. The stainless steel design, the smart LCD display, and the sleek body of the machine makes it look like a piece of art. The machine’s design makes it ideal for any type of kitchen with any kind of interior work. Irrespective of the color of your kitchen counter, the machine looks perfect in the kitchen.

LCD Display

Breville is not the only bread machine that has LCD display. However, their LCD display is quite large and very striking. The display screen has a blue background light that stands out against the stainless steel body of the machine making it look quite alluring.

Programming Style

Most other bread machines are known to have buttons that the user has to press and select which bread baking program to use. However, in this case, the buttons have been replaced by a knob. Now the user has to rotate the knob and the options get displayed on the LCD screen. This feature has got kudos from the customers since the push buttons tend to require more regular servicing. If the buttons are on a touch screen pad, then it means in case of malfunctioning of one button, the whole pad has to be changed. Thus, the rotating knob has found more appreciation from the public at large.

Automatic Fruit Dispenser

A lot of people are fond of eating bread with added fruits and nuts. Usually what happens is that ordinary bread machines sound off an alarm to alert the user when to add the fruits and nuts so that they don’t get crushed during the kneading process. However, what Breville’s machine does is that it automatically dispenses the fruits and nuts. The user does not have to attend to the bread making process once the program has been set. They don’t have to be around the machine waiting for the alarm to sound off. This little innovation of automatic dispenser is getting some rave reviews from bread machine users.

Delay Timer

The machine has a delay timer of 13 hours. This delay timer combined with automatic dispenser brings real value to the table. The users can set the machine to start baking bread in the middle of the night without having to get up to add the fruits and nuts. This gives the users the chance to wake up to a freshly baked walnut and raisins bread!

The only awkward thing that customers are talking about is the size of the machine. So, make sure that you make enough room for the machine on the counter before you buy it.

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