8 Secret Techniques on How to buy Two Wheeler Insurance Plans

8 Secret Techniques on How to buy Two Wheeler Insurance Plans

Did you know that 60% of vehicles in India are not insured and most of them are two wheelers? The saddest part about two wheelers is that they account a gargantuan of almost 34% of the road accidents in India. However, one can’t deny the benefits of having a two wheeler insurance. Be it a scooter or a bike, does not matter, the only mean of fastest transportation on road is a two wheeler. Since two wheelers are more at risk, it is important and compulsorily to insure them. With online Two Wheeler Insurance one can easily get an insurance at low-cost. However, knowing what does a two wheeler policy cover is the most important technique, as it may narrow down to a tailor-made policy for you. Read on to know more.

  • Buy insurance from an online registered broker

There are various websites which offer online insurance in India, but not many of them are Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) recognized. However, broker like Coverfox.com is ideal in that case and will provide comparing and buying policy under one roof. Also an IRDA registered broker will have a valid license number and broker code.

  • Look for companies with network garages

One can always look for insurance policies with a good network garage, as it may be feasible during the claims process.

  • Transfer of No-Claim Bonus

Your good driving skills have bought you luck, if you haven’t claim yet on your bike insurance. If you have accumulated NCB with your current insurer you can transfer the same with a new insurer or when you buy a new bike. Always remember the NCB is for the policy holder and not the vehicle.

  • Zero Deprecation or a Nil Deprecation add on

This is the most common two wheeler add on one can opt for. This add on makes sure that you don’t have to pay for the complete repair or the replacement cost for your bike’s depreciable parts. Parts like plastic, rubber, metal, are not fully covered and Zero deprecation makes it a worth buy.

  • Engine protector

Any damage to your bike engine is not covered even under a comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy. Hence if the damage is due to water ingression, clogging, or leakage of lubricating oil to your e Engine or Gear Box, the Engine protector add-on will cover for its loss.

  • You get additional discount with anti-theft device

You are bound to get a discount if your bike is equipped with ARAI anti-theft device. You get a discount of almost 2.5% on your own-damage premium of the policy.

  • Buy additional covers only if needed

Just by choosing all add-ons covers will not safeguard your bike from all the mishaps. However one has to be wise and choose additional covers as and when needed. Eg, there is no point in opting for a NCB protection cover if you had a claim in your previous policy. It would be beneficial to opt for a NCB only when you have completed at least 2-3 years of claim free years.

  • Opt for insurance companies who offer claim assistance

The claim process can be quite tedious and pesky. Hence it is necessary to opt for an insurance company who offers claim assistance. Also the after- sales service would just be a cherry on the top.

The Ultimate Guide to Two Wheeler Insurance

It is essential to buy a two wheeler policy not of compulsion but out of a necessity. One should look for factors like the premium, coverage, plans, benefits, features, add-on covers etc. It is also important to look out for an insurer that offers good post sales service and claim assistance for your Two Wheeler Insurance. However, one important that most people miss it that they overlook the inclusions and exclusions of the policy.

4 Ways to Improve Your Two Wheeler Insurance Plans Right Now 

The below points are useful for buying a hassle-free policy at low cost premiums

  1. Buy policy online.
  2. Compare different plans of different insurance companies online.
  3. Mention correct personal details.
  4. Mention correct vehicle details.
  5. Mention of previous claims if any.
  6. Mention correct IDV and NCB percentage

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