7 Facts Why a Chrysler Is the Best Ride in 2017

7 Facts Why a Chrysler Is the Best Ride in 2017

Chrysler made the statement of quality and value this year when it released the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica. From a hybrid drivetrain to ventilated seats, the vehicle quickly took over the minivan category. This is the direction Chrysler has been taking since the beginning of the decade with all its models.

Besides, its outstanding technological advancements, there are seven more reasons why Chrysler is the best buy at any Indiana car dealer in 2017. The standard features are:

  1. A luxury car

The Chrysler is predominantly a luxury car even if its retail price is below most of its competitors. This is because of its Italian background. For starters, Chrysler is owned by the Italian carmaker, Fiat. However, all the cars are manufactured in the United States. The vehicles, therefore, bear the sporty look of Italian race cars with elegance across its categories found in no other brand.

  1. American quality

Any American car model stands out on the road because of its quality and durability. The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica for example, is made of high strength steel and aluminum. As such, it promises exceptional occupant protection and aerodynamic capabilities.

  1. Outstanding interior features

All Chrysler models come with an appropriately designed interior for high occupant’s comfort. Each cabin’s surface is covered with high-end luxury materials. Most of the models are 5-seaters with plenty legroom and headspace. The 2017 Chrysler cars come with excellent accessibility features such as swipe to open sliding doors.

  1. Cargo space

Regardless of the model, you find an extensive storage capacity with Chrysler cars. They are designed to meet all the storage needs of the car users. Some models such as Pacifica have power controlled second-row seats. What you only need to do is press a button, and they will be aligned to the floor.

  1. Powertrain engine

Chrysler’s powertrain engine technology delivers commanding performance on the road. It is known for its high torque, horsepower, and fuel economy. Consequently, Chrysler’s 2017 cars can meet a wide range of terrain requirements and surfaces.

  1. High-end safety features

Safety is the top priority when buying a car. The 2017 Chrysler models come with high-end safety feature such forward collision detection, lane detection and warning and reverse parking. Other standard technologies include automatic brake control and start-stop technology.

  1. Reasonable pricing

Despite its high-end features, impressive performance, and excellent spacing, the Chrysler models are fairly priced vehicles. For example, the luxury sedan, Chrysler 300 can be found at a retail price lower than $20,000. In spite of the price, it still has a panoramic sunroof and full leather seats. You can find better deals at an Indiana car dealer. Besides the cost, Chrysler warranty on its vehicles is one of the best you can find in 2017.

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