5 tips to make the used car buying process easier

5 tips to make the used car buying process easier

Finding a  used car Bloomington Indiana has to offer doesn’t have to be stressful.  Following these simple steps can help make your buying experience easier.

Know What You Need and What You Can Afford

It helps to narrow down the multitude of choices by doing a little online browsing ahead of time.  Check out various models and decide what options are important to you.  Once you’ve narrowed down the list, check for lists of common problems so you will know what to ask about when you do get to the car dealer.

Just as important is to know your budget.  It’s easy to get wowed by something you’ll see on the lot and decide it might be OK to stretch your budget a bit, but you should run the numbers ahead of time so you know exactly what will be comfortable for you.

The Walk Around

Check the vehicle’s exterior carefully for signs of damage.  Note scratches, dings, and look for rust.  Used vehicles may have minor blemishes, but dents may indicate prior damage.  If so, you’ll want to ask for a report to verify whether the vehicle has been in accident.

Check the body panels to make sure they line up evenly.  Open and close each of the doors, the trunk, and the hood. Make sure all the lights work and be sure to look at each of the tires.

The Inside

Take a seat and check for comfort.  Make sure you can adjust the driver’s seat in a way that fits you and allows you to reach everything, see clearly out the windshield, and allows you to enter and exit the vehicle without problems.  It doesn’t hurt to sit in the other seats as well, especially checking leg room in the back if you plan to travel regularly with passengers.

It’s OK to turn on the radio, test the blinkers, and push all the buttons.  It’s a good way to see what’s there and whether it’s working.

Check for odors.  Bad smells can be a minor nuisance, but they can also be signs of water or flood damage.

Lift the Lid

Even if you don’t know much about engines, you should check under the hood and look for obvious signs of wear or trouble.  Look especially for oil or fluid leaks and look at the belts and hoses.

Take it Out for a Spin

It’s important you hit the road and make sure you like it.  Start up the vehicle yourself and make sure it’s no trouble.  Pay attention to what you hear:  rattles, engine noise, outside noises.  It’s helpful to drive your used car Bloomington Indiana on city and highway surfaces so you can check acceleration, cruising speeds, and stop and go traffic.  Hit the brakes hard at least once to check stopping power and make sure the transmission shifts smoothly.  See how it handles bumps and uneven road surfaces.

Buying a Used Car

A little advance work, coupled with a few simple tips, can make your car buying experience easier and take some of the stress out of buying.  Now, you need to check the paperwork carefully, negotiate a good deal, and line up your financing. 

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