4 Ways to Give Your Home a Deeper Clean  

by Sheri Croll | December 20, 2017 8:12 am

You shouldn’t just deep clean your home when company is coming over! Why not give your living space a deep clean for you and your family’s peace of mind and comfort. Below, we’ve listed the top ways to do just that.

  1. Try a rug cleaning in Phoenix[1].

Your rugs should be one of the first things you think about cleaning in your home. But just vacuuming or even trying an at-home deep clean won’t quite do the trick. Instead, try a professional rug cleaning Phoenix[2]. Professional rug cleaning can offer a deep clean that actually gets down to the base of the rug.

Trying this deep clean solution will notably improve the look and cleanliness of your home’s rugs and can even get out dark stains. It will also improve the air quality of your home and actually help you and your family stay healthier and avoid colds and allergies.

  1. Wash the windows — inside and out.

Your windows probably only get a good washing once or twice every few years. Sure, you may clean the insides with a feather duster and some Windex glass cleaner, but what about a serious clean with soap and water? What about cleaning the outside of the windows?

Naturally, this is a job for warm weather. Start by removing dust with a feather duster or micro fiber cloth. You’ll then want to create a bucket of sudsy, warm water. Use cloth rags or sponges to clean the windows, then squee-gee to get off the excess moisture. Finally, to remove any streaks, go back over the dry windows with a micro fiber cloth — or try newspaper!

  1. Dust away the cobwebs.

You may not live in Dracula’s castle, but chances are, spiders have gotten the chance to spin more than a few spider webs up near your ceilings. To clear these away and get rid of the excess mess, go around your home with a feather duster, then throw the end of the duster in the washing machine.

  1. Wash the floors.

Finally, floors that aren’t carpet should be cleaned as well. This includes wood flooring, laminate flooring, and tile. You’ll want to start by giving these floors a good sweep. Next, get out a bucket of sudsy, warm water and rags or a sponge.

Use a knee rest so that you don’t hurt your knees kneeling on the ground, start in one corner, and get to work! When you’re done, go back over the floors one more time to get rid of extra soap, then allow the floors to dry.

By giving your home a deeper clean every once in a while, you’ll be creating a cozier and more comfortable space for you and your family. You might even find that you feel better on a regular basis, feel healthier, and are more apt to invite friends and relatives over for get-togethers!

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