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With the upsurge of intelligent hardware, products for specific groups of people, because the target user is clear, functional design is targeted, often easier to open the market. Of course, intelligent hardware is not limited to the object of human services, if you are a pet owner, but also like the pursuit of the latest technology trends, now recommend Marsboy’s “Smart Dog Training Collar.”


When the dog at home boring, it is inevitable because the boring curiosity at home, “presumptuous”, the consequences are more and more bad, more terrible if the dogs eat the trash can of chicken bones, bite the electrical wires are fatal.

Wear a smart training collar for the dog so that when the dog touches the “contraband”, the collar will make a warning, the dog will know where the restricted area, especially for the kitchen, bedroom and other dogs not to enter the space, and Power lines, shoes, etc. are more vulnerable to dog “destruction” of household items.


Collar is TPISV material, tough and durable. Product weight is only about 50 grams. With the switch can set the two-step sensing distance 70CM and 120CM, not too many settings.


In order to test the product in the actual results, we deliberately chose the “pepper” to participate in our test. “Pepper” is a character unruly Schnauzer dogs, unusually lively, very strong curiosity. Product is very simple, no need to connect the phone to set, just to the dog to wear smart collar, posted on the trash stickers, set the distance can be. Sensing distance of 70CM and 120CM two, this time we selected is 70CM, this distance is suitable for preventing the dog close to the shoe, trash, sockets and so on.


When wearing a smart training collar of the “pepper” close to the trash, the collar quickly received a signal and began to respond, make a sound to remind the owner, but also release the vibration signal to tell the dog. Then we set up the other test scenarios.

After repeated use of several times, as long as the collar to send a prompt signal, “pepper” will stop the current action, gradually become well-behaved.


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