Tractive GPS Pet Tracker: No longer have to worry about pets lost

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Life, often in the area around to see posted “find pet revelation” of the notice, and some owners even willing to come up with a house as a reward, visible pet has been fully integrated into the home, as one of them. With the rapid development of technology, how to prevent the problem of pet lost has been resolved.

Tractive is another great pet tracker manufacturer that offers some awesome solutions to track your pet now matter where it is located. Tractive has designed a way to live track your pet on a map so that way it’s extremely easy to find your pet. Tractive’s passion is to make it easy and simple to find your wondering adventurous pet and bring them home instead of picking them up at the pound or worse.


The Tractive GPS tracking device for pets lets you track your dog live, similar to the Tagg pet tracker and comes with gps dog fence options so you are alerted when your dog leaves certain zones. The Tractive GPS pet tracker also guarantees to be waterproof while Tagg the pet tracker GPS locator for dogs is also an activity tracker that can help keep your dog healthy. Both GPS alert you when your dog leaves a set area or help you find lost dogs back. The Marco Polo pet locator on the other hand is great for finding your lost dog especially in remote areas where there’s no cell phone coverage. The Marco Polo lost pet finder however doesn’t allow real time tracking, while Tractive GPS collar for dogs and the Tagg tracker dog tracking system do have live and real time dog tracking. If you want a waterproof dog collar GPS that allows real time tracking with a smartphone app, then the Tractive gps pet tracker is right for you. If you’re not sure if this is right for your dog, check out other GPS for dogs.


Now that we’ve covered the basic features, let’s check out all the pros and cons that come along with owning a Tractive GPS Pet Tracker.


  • Locates your dog via real-time GPS.
  • You can set up a “Safety Zone” to get notifications as soon as your dog goes beyond the boundary.
  • App is available for Android, iPhone, Windows phones and you can access it via your browser.
  • Can be taken anywhere with you and all you need to do is set up a new Safety Zone.
  • You can buy multiple trackers and conveniently monitor all your dogs at the same time.
  • Quick charge rechargeable battery.


  • There are only 2 clips to attach to your dog’s collar. They won’t work for thick or wide collars, so you may need to get your pet a traditional collar to secure the device properly.
  • It’s expensive, but worth every penny. Along with the steep price, you’ll also be required to pay a monthly fee to keep your tracker activated.
  • 2-5 day battery life.

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