Whistle Activity Monitor: A comprehensive grasp of pet activity, so you love your pet

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If you want to track the health of your beloved pooch, you should know that the Whistle Activity Monitor will be a great way to do it. Our Whistle Activity Monitor review is designed to help you understand all of the key benefits and features of this affordable device. Lots of dog owners love this product and we think that you will, too! Without further ado, let’s dive in and discuss everything that this design provides to caring and conscientious canine owners!

Whistle’s Smart Dog Collar is able to record almost all the behavior of a dog, including running, walking, playing, resting, sleeping and drinking, in which the number of dogs running, jumping and even wagging A record. All data can be transmitted via Bluetooth or WiFi to the supporting mobile APP, but also and Jawbone UP of the APP to facilitate the master dog with the amount of exercise compared.

The owner of the dog can use the Whistle application for the dog released the usual life photos, such as nap and playful moments. The user can put up photos on their most popular social network platforms, as well as sharing them privately with other dog owners. This is a great feature that allows everyone to keep connected with each other, which in turn builds up a sense of community. Owners can connect multiple members to your account, so you can include the kids in your dog’s lifestyle as well as friends. Several dogs can be added too for those with big canine families.
Another key piece of the puzzle is Whistle’s remote monitoring, which I frequently take advantage of to stay connected to what Charlie is doing while I’m out solving crime and chasing down dog-related startup founders. Since the app syncs and connects both through Bluetooth and WiFi, you can be at the office and see just how much (or little) your canine is doing at home. This can actually be a great way to know how awesome or terrible your expensive San Francisco dog walker is, for example. Your pooch went out with your dog walker and only got 10 minutes of exercise? Back to Yelp for you, Grasshopper.


For the non-introvert/recluse dog owners out there, Whistle allows shared access so that multiple people can be designated as “owners” of a dog, allowing anyone designated to view Fido’s data, talk about his diet, aggressive drooling issues, and so on. Another key: The Whistle device generally gets about 8 to 10 days worth of battery life, so even if your extended conversation about drooling or your terrible dog walker kills your phone’s battery, your Whistle will keep tracking along.

At the same time, taking into account the user of this device – the dog itself, not willing to wear, Whistle company will design the weight of this device is only 16 grams, light to the dogs are not aware of. At the same time the collar plate using brushed stainless steel design, parts are welded together and injected into the sealant, can effectively prevent saliva, anti-biting, anti-claw grasp, even if you support the demolition team is also unable to start.


The Whistle Activity Monitor is an intuitive device that is unique in the sense that it enables you do track your dog’s activities. The interface is both sleek and useful. However, if you intend to bring your dog on frequent trips, the device wouldn’t be able to send you any notifications, unless you have mobile WiFi enabled the vicinity of the device. If you are looking for the perfect gift for your friend who is very active and owns a dog, you should probably purchase this for him.

Your dog out with a smart collar, think about it all feel cool? Price $99.99, interested students can go to Amazon a closer look.

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