Are you still using ordinary dog collar? Then you have to be careful!

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Do you still use ordinary collars to walk the dog? Or, when you walk the dog, do not have traction rope? If you have two strokes in the above, then you have to pay attention, you are likely to cause, dogs and others conflict, but also to bring their own problems.


The role of traction rope is self-evident, with the dog out, if not traction rope, the dog is likely to run around.

what? Your dog will not run around? However, you do not forget, the public space, in addition to your dog, there are other dogs, other cars, other people. Even if you have the confidence to control their own dog, you can not control the entire environment of all. Dog fights leading to dog injuries and even death; dog bites caused by the dispute; the dog was killed by the car, these news, a lot of search. The general conclusion is: walk the dog, please use the traction rope!

Why ordinary collars can not solve the blasting problem?

For bursting habits of the dog, the use of traction rope, will bring troubles to the owner. Explosive and strength of the dog, the owner will be pulling forward Ben, giving a “dog stroll people” feeling.

Especially for raising a large dog girl, burst red is a headache problem. After the dog out of the face of the world’s curiosity, so that the owner find any. Sometimes they rush to strangers, scare pedestrians. Sometimes they rushed to the same class, so that their injuries. Or eat things on the road, leading to physical problems. The root of all this is that the owner can not achieve effective control of the dog.


Many owners in order to solve the problem of burst, the dog will buy a more solid collar, or chest strap. However, eventually found that the effect is not satisfactory.

According to a Swedish study, 63% of dogs had back problems, of which 91% were caused by pulling collars. A study of 350 dogs showed that 75% of the dogs had neck problems and the owner was unaware. The pulled dog may have severe back and neck pain problems. The dog was pulled bad social, temper and even show aggression. When pulling the collar when the intraocular pressure will be sharply increased wearing the chest and back without this problem, which had surgery on the eyes or eyesight problem dogs particularly dangerous.

The back of the chest reduces the risk that the dog’s neck will be strangled, whereas the common chest straps are less effective in terms of control. Because the nature of the dog is that if the body is pulled back by the force, they will instinctively forward, to resist this power. When the sled dogs were trained, they used this to let the sled dog ride the sled and continue to run forward. Even if the material is more thick rope, durable, and solve the rope itself is only the quality of the problem, rather than dog training problems.


Therefore, to solve the problem of dog burst, you must address the dog in the pull, still rushed forward instincts.

PetSafe Yard & Park Rechargeable Dog Training Collar

PetSafe Yard & Park Rechargeable Dog Training Collar from the US pet supplies brand. This is PetSafe’s newest and upgraded collar. The PetSafe PDT00-12470 Yard & Park Remote Dog Trainer, is an electronic collar intended to help get rid of your dog’s bad behaviour. This collar features 8 levels of stimulation which so you can determine what level of stimulation your dog needs. The collar is effective up to about 400 yards. The collar includes a positive and negative tone button, so if you’re dog did something extremely bad that you want to make sure it never does again, you can use the negative tone button. If you want to reward the dog you use the positive tone button. The collar is rechargeable, not having to buy replacement batteries helps make this collar more of an economical option over other dog shock collars. The collar is fully waterproof as is the receiver. The collar comes with a step by step training manual that contains information about the collar and some training methods an owner can use in combination with dog shock collars. It is important to note that the collar should not be used on dog’s weighing less than 8 pounds.

Before your dog screams to attract his attention, but the behavior has been completed. An embarrassment! What Now, you need a training dog collar that can help you get him to put some of the words that he feels. Something can make him sit down, stand, come … your will. Even if you are jogging or hiking, it has a belt clip that can be attached or hooked and does not fall off.

Easy Dog Training Collar makes the dog easier to control by changing the focus. This change is subversive, even if the great strength of the dog, just a pull, will be able to listen to instructions, obediently obedient.


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